Who we serve

Close deals, quickly with the most comprehensive repository of eCommerce merchants

Our team of researchers and proprietary web crawlers sources new eCommerce leads for you based on your specific criterias. We track each of these companies and map the technologies they use and various other parameters.

Technology Companies

Our flexible, high-quality solutions enable your marketing and sales teams to save valuable time and effort while focusing on acquiring new eCommerce customers.

Our data collection encompasses all data points needed on tech companies, which is further enhanced by various attributes, such as traffic, rankings, volumes, brand strategy, etc., or other customized data points as required.

By segmenting companies by their revenue, website features, web traffic (country plus the world), technologies including the payment processors used, logistics providers, and SKUs they sell, you can discover companies that are in line with your ideal target customer.

Banking & Finance

In order to reach their ideal customers, banks, alternative lending companies, sales/purchase financing companies can utilize a comprehensive database.

Assisted lending at the POS is one of the fastest growing segments in eCommerce and retail B2B or B2C.

Companies offering Line of Credit, Small business loans, Purchase credit and working capital loans have created a variety of products to help businesses to choose based on their requirements and product types.

Besides our exhaustive database of sellers and marketplaces, we also provide you with additional information such as type of products, geography they cater to, minimum order quantity (if any), payment methods, and MoV (if any). Our database can be enhanced based on your needs.

E-commerce Sellers and Business Buyers

Enabling you to make a decision to acquire and on board a seller easily.

Our detailed database of sellers has data points including firmographics information, product and product category listing, services, alexa ranking - country and global, SKU counts, SKU ranges etc.

We have inhouse expertise to identify additional data points to suffice the requirements of niche marketplaces such as marketplaces selling renewed or refurbished products and so on.

Service providers

If you have products or services that cater to the eCommerce industry and If you have solutions that are capable of changing the way the tech executives in the industry work we have the right solutions for you.

With our inhouse research and development teams we have been able to create the set of primary providers that cater to eCommerce and the type of services and products they provide. Based on the products/services that you provide we segment our database and provide you with the targeted audience to achieve desired conversions.

We have specialised knowledge of the requirements of payment providers, Line of Credit / working capital / small business loan / B2B payments providers, Shopping cart companies, POS, marketplaces and so on.

We work closely with your teams to create the specific data sets and provide you with the leads that are highly convertible.


Research and validated Information about restaurants, food joint specific to the geography you operate in is just a click away.

Our data set includes restaurant name, cuisine, operational hours, address, locations and other details to identify the best match for your platform.

Get access to custom databases and trends in customer demand data and easily build your food delivery platform, restaurant aggregator website or any entity providing solutions in the hospitality industry.