eCommerce Master List

Market and sell more effectively by deeply understanding your customers, identifying potential customers, and personalizing every sales and marketing interaction.

Retailers Master List

Whether you're looking to sell, market or buy from any retailer, we provide a direct, personal connection to virtually anyone, from a junior executive all the way to the CEO.

Restaurant Master List

Our Restaurant Master List lets you see the complete range of restaurants in the area/s of your choice, so that you can make an informed decision when you target them for any of the marketing & sales campaigns.

Seller/Merchants lists

The Merchant Master list helps you locate merchants online, offline and in between. Get access to merchants information on the location, type and other details of merchants, which can help you maximize sales & marketing efforts.

Data, just the way you need it

Having high quality data to feed your data-driven marketing campaigns is crucial for success. Get data tailored to your business needs and requirements.

Access data by:

  • Shopping cart
  • Location
  • Revenue
  • Employee size

Effective allocation of leads by geography

Identify most accurately the estimates of eCommerce companies in the specific markets of your interest and thus align it to the right sales strategy.

Access data by:

  • Geography
  • Shopping Cart
  • B2B/ B2C
  • Custom

Lead qualification for enhanced sales & marketing efforts

Our data profiling process, which relies on manual precision, qualifies prospects according to your criteria for targeted sales & marketing outreach.

You can get access to a customised data that can help you accelerate your:

  • Outbound call campaigns
  • Sales pipeline building
  • Email Marketing Campaigns